An Intro to my Diet Plan

On my birthday, at 4am, my boyfriend brought up my favorite ice cream cake and sang happy birthday to me! After serving me a slice, he pulled out a ring and proposed! I am so excited to begin my life with him and I want to begin our new life with a renewed self image. So, here I am, one of those brides, getting in shape for her wedding!
This page is as much to keep myself accountable as it is to help other brides on their journey (or those who just want some down to earth, friendly dieting tips) I am not an expert (although, sometimes I feel like one), these are just lessons learned from my experiences.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Halfway there!

So, I've reached a slump :(  I've lost 22 pounds, but have been stuck here for a couple of weeks.... Ugh, I haven't changed my habits; I'm eating healthy, walking/exercising regularly (well, I took the weekend off to help my sore muscles) and nada!  I'm now 4 pounds behind my goal line and I need to catch up or get back on track!  I'm proud that I've made it this far, but I've got a ways to go!  I'd be happy with 10 more, but I'd like to lose 20-30 more.  Sigh, keep on workin...

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